Having been a lawyer for over a quarter of a century and spent nearly a decade as a trial judge in one of the busiest courts in the country, M. Gino Brogdon, Sr. has gained a wealth of experience and insight into the workings of courts and courtrooms. In addition to being a highly sought after neutral and trial advocate, Gino is also a premiere trial strategist. Unlike the traditional trial consultant, Gino offers the following services:

  • Consultation regarding motion practice and trial theme development.
  • Consultation regarding evidence presentation at trial and difficult evidentiary issues.
  • Consultation regarding presentation and confrontation of difficult witnesses at trial.
  • Assistance in preparation of key witnesses for depositions and trial.
  • Specially tailored participation in mock and mini trials including presenting evidence, direct and cross examination of key witnesses, argument.
  • Consultation regarding venue-specific jury composition and selection.

Plaintiff’s and defense firms alike have retained Gino for these invaluable services and for his unique insight into litigation generally and the trial process. These services are provided confidentially and for an hourly fee which information will be provided upon request.

Please give Gino a try and experience the true commitment, work ethic, power and passion of an experienced trial strategist who is determined to give premium service and obtain maximum results for you and your clients.