Demons in the Crawlspace

Frank Salvato is a middle aged, divorced, homicide cop who is forced to join the world of tortured souls when his little boy is murdered. Battles with his own inner demons spiral into a limitless willingness to bend the law to get the bad guy. His emotional torment intensifies when he begins to investigate the disappearance of two little girls a case that may involve satanic ritual abuse. The abduction leads Frank on a chilling journey through the under belly of Walker City, where he encounters not only middle class parents with something to hide, but a broad swath of society s wounded. Salvato sifts through colorful witnesses and hurdles evidentiary and legal barriers to discover the likely culprits. Demons is a riveting thriller that also shines a light on the national problems of child molestation and family violence.

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Coming soon Inside she waited

Gino's second book in the frank Salvato series