Secrets of Mediation: Authentic Balance

There’s a pervasive pressure I’ve noticed in the legal profession. Every lawyer I know has experienced it: the need to conform. I’m not talking so much about looking like your peers, although that’s certainly a factor, as it is in many career paths. In my experience, though, the chief pressure on attorneys lies in the […]

A Meditation on Mediation Part II: Defendants

In Part 1 of this blog, I sketched out my approach to mediation from a plaintiff’s perspective. The goal was to show that in any situation I’m bringing my best to the table for you. Let me be clear: that goes for both sides of the table. I wouldn’t be a mediator if I didn’t […]

A Meditation on Mediation Part I: For Plaintiffs

I used to be the guy who tried to do everything. The guy who tried to empathize with the client in a tough situation. Who came in solemnly and – as I thought at the time – respectfully, even reverentially. It seemed like the right approach – that’s how I could meet people where they […]